summer '17 // prague

Hey there. I'm Rachel, I'm 20 years old, a university student, currently studying English with Journalism and Creative Writing, and I'm from Scotland.

Between the years of 2010 - 2016, this blog was predominantly a YA book blog called Booktastic Reviews. However, late 2016, it became apparent I was starting to outgrow my blog and the content I was producing. Not only did I just not want to read or talk about YA books anymore, I, instead, wanted to talk about other stuff too - issues I was passionate about, some of my real life adventures and travels, experiences with uni, books in other genres.

I didn't feel like the right decision would be to delete this blog or start up a new one. I believe a blog should be a reflection of the person behind it. So if I've changed, why shouldn't my blog change and evolve with me? I'd also put years and years worth of work into this blog and wasn't just about to see all that disappear!

To those of you who joined me on my journey with Booktastic Reviews, I hope you're willing to give this blog a chance. I do still feel like books will feature in a lot of its posts (I've just got a sneaky feeling) but I no longer want to be labelled and, therefore, confined with the 'book blog' label. I want the freedom to write what I want to write, and maybe that'll be something about books, maybe not.

If you are an author or publisher (new or one I've worked with before), still feel free to email me about reviewing your book/s or anything else because chances are I might (and probably will!) still be interested. I have a new email address [check out my 'Contact' page for more details] but all of the emails my old account receives are being forwarded to it, so if you're still contacting my old booktasticreviews email, don't worry!

Also check out my 'Contact' page if you're inquiring about anything else or even wanting me to review another product or get involved in something! Even if you just want to leave me a quick note.

Otherwise, just know I'm excited to see where this new journey takes me and grateful to have your support.